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hollywood hills and suburban thrills [entries|friends|calendar]

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FRIENDS ONLY [10/25/30 - 1:05 am]

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[9/27/08 - 6:19 pm]
I kinda fell off the earth. But im back!! And I wanna reconnect with all my old friends. So add my new journal:


Im looking foward to hopefully hearing from some of you!!

Love Nikki
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working hard?? [3/1/06 - 3:35 pm]
[mood: hungry ]
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im sooo tired. it sucks to be at work and tired. im mad at myself to. i havent been to the gym once this week. o well..ill make it up.

so im at work right now. we havent gotten our checks yet n im pissed. tonite is LOST! soo excited. emmy wants us to go to her dorm..but idk. im kinda sick of that cuz her roomates a bitch and its just awkward. me & cel wanna drive around screaming rent at the top of our lungs cuz were cool like that. lol

i am soo hungry! wtf?? and i still have 1 1/2. dammit.

Christmas Hiatus [12/22/05 - 9:57 pm]
[mood: stressed]
[wats on: satc]

Hope you all have a very merry christmas and a happy new year!!! See you in 2006!
♥ nicole
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